365 days of training
with Patrizio Paoletti

A path of awareness to discover who you are and achieve what you wish for in life


365 OMM is the natural progression of the path that I started with “OMM The One Minute Meditation”, my practical guide to knowing yourself and living a happy life.
Whether you have already read the book or not, 365 OMM will help you find the direction to follow every day, to achieve what you really desire in life.”

Patrizio Paoletti

Signup and practise 365 OMM, even few minutes per day, is the best gift you can make to yourself. It cost lest than a cofee but it can change your life.

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2 dimensions:
spiritual and physical

Everything starts from the two primary dimensions: Having a healthy body and a clear spirit.
Understand who you are and what you wish for thanks to the 5 steps of OMM.

2 worlds:
love and family

Your two closest worlds, loved ones and family, are determining factors in helping you create your destiny. It is important to make them supportive structures.

2 fields: friendship and community

he world invites you to look at yourself in two fields: your friends and your community. This expanded network allows your dreams to come true.

2 achievements: work and finances

Concrete results are achieved thanks to work and finances. With a passionate life you can achieve and multiply your personal standard.

1 personal objective:
the You better than You

The path produces greater presence and awareness, to manage to bring to life the You better than You every day.



Each month

You will have access to a video lesson by Patrizio Paoletti relating to the topic of awareness that you are exploring at that moment. A fantastic opportunity to have a guide that is able to open your mind, put your insights in order and emphasize the ways to help you achieve what you wish for.

Each week

You will receive an exercise and a podcast with a practice to help you make practical experiences and go deeper in your training. Remember that repetition is the mother of all arts, and for 7 days you will have the opportunity to work on the single exercise.

Each day

You will receive an orientating phrase via email, or whatsapp if you prefer, connected to the topic of the week. The phrase will be your daily reminder to inspire you and keep you focused, on the weekly exercise and the topic of the month.


365 OMM is a simple and very practical path, a daily guide to learn to create the New You who will be able to detach from daily stress, take distance from destructive emotions and be determined to listen to and achieve your deepest and most heartfelt desires.

As Patrizio affirms Patrizio, 'Meditating is not closing your eyes, meditating is opening your eyes to life.'



Every 7 days you will have a concrete tool to train yourself with: an exercise, technique or podcast, always available on the platform 365 OMM. The programme has been designed to give you what is needed at each step.

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The monthly appointment is with Patrizio himself, with a video lesson on the topic of the month, in order to allow you to always have the opportunity to go back over his words. The video lessons will always be available to you on the 365 platform

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An orientating phrase for you every morning,
connected to the step you have reached on the 365 OMM path. You will receive it via email and, if you want via whatsapp: it will be your every day reminder to inspire you and enable you to remain focalized on the exercise of the week and the topic of the month.

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Ariadne rossetti

Envisioning the me better than me every time I could during the day gave me that magnificent possibility to distance myself from everything that separated me from my goal (…). This made space for joy, motivation, courage and finally love, for myself and for how I can and really want to be, and for everything that surrounds me when I feel this way… Because everything becomes beautiful as a consequence when I live with that emotion and with that image of me as I REALLY want to be! Thank you Patrizio for having shared this tool that is easy and fast but infinitely powerful.

Massimiliano Bartoli

I practice OMM and I participated in the seminar in Lugano. I am an entrepreneur and consultant for companies with more than 500 employees in the Food & Beverage sector. I work in the United States with the head office in New York City. The practice of OMM has radically changed the way I manifest myself through the quality of thought that lives in me today. Thank you!

Sara Ficarra

Thank you! Having had the opportunity to listen to your words reinforces the awareness that the choices I made are the right ones for me. They weren’t Not easy, but were right. You need courage to turn the page and rewrite your own history, but it is possible and must be done… Otherwise you just become an onlooker of yourself!

Gian Mario Mela

Making an effort to be the best me has not only become my daily tendency but also the greatest responsibility of my existence. This healthy challenge brings with it a new enthusiasm, charged with new energy that is always joyful and stimulating. This renewing energy makes you aware that the ideas received must not be wasted. They must be honoured and kept alive in each moment with the daily actions that can become an example for the others who we are constantly connected to, each part of a single whole. All of this makes me say ‘thank you life’. Thank you Mr. Paoletti and thanks to the best me who allows me to make an ever more mature and aware contribution to the world.

Elena Perolfi

In the last few days I have focused on the idea of the “small doing” on the simplicity and power of this tool in everyday life. It was obvious, and yet… today, in my first minute “OMM” of the day, the key to a new power over my life finally arrived: “who do you want to be TODAY? What do you want to leave to the world TODAY?” Plenty of vivid and happy answers arrived. And today I am happy more than ever, because, TODAY, I have a precise task for me and for the world. Thank you OMM

Alex Lomaka

For me OMM is a regenerating break. Thank you Mr. Paoletti for this practical, simple and effective tool. Each day, each minute, each instant I can offer the ME better than me to the world! Thank you.

The best gift you can give yourself is to register and practice 365 OMM,
even for just a few minutes at a time. It costs less than a coffee a day but it can change your life.'

PATRIZIO PAOLETTI Creator of the OMM method

Patrizio Paoletti, a visionary mentor, influencer and disruptor-coach devotes himself to the evolution of humankind, their well-being and their continuous improvement. He encourages the people he meets to go beyond social, personal and cultural stereotypes and prejudice in order to deeply explore their possible self-realization.

For more than thirty years, through his “Human Inner Design” program and School of Self-Awareness, he has been proposing innovative experiential training tools, validated by neuroscientific research and international collaborations with scientists, institutes and universities such as the Bar Ilan University of Tel Aviv, the Università La Sapienza of Rome and the Neuroscience Institute of Fondazione Patrizio Paoletti.




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A passionate life does not happen by chance and to believe the contrary is a mistake that many people make. A passionate life is the result of ideas applied concretely and with constancy. Even if they have not been taught to you before, these ideas can be learned.They have worked for hundreds of thousands of people, who we have met through seminars, the school, the foundation and on the many other occasions in which Patrizio was able to share them. In order to make it happen time to train and tools are necessary.
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